I Almost Got Scammed (Beware!)

9 thoughts on “I Almost Got Scammed (Beware!)”

  1. Hi, please reply my message, i got scam too and my money is gone. The benny who is the scammer had rent a house at south view to me too. I need your suggestion on that. I had made to polis report and banker already.


  2. Hi. I was personally scammed on my rental deposit by someone called Andy. Just want to check if they are the same person (maybe we can cross check the phone number) Maybe private message?


    1. Hey there, I heard about that name. Please make a police report. I’d like to help you but there’s not much I can do 😦 I’m sorry. Even if we do get the same number, they probably changed it already.


      1. I’ve made a police report 2 month ago but haven’t heard back from them. Just wanted to cross check and if possible make it a more solid case. Alright then.


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